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December 06, 2004



What a wonderful story -- the true meaning of family. Looking forward to reading more of your DotMom posts!

Auntie M

What a nice story. Congratulations on making your extended family not only work but be a happy one where you can all share the achievements.


I must show this to my son, who is also the product of a mixed family and approaching his own Bar Mitzvah in 2 years.

Welcome to DotMoms!

The 21 year old son

Sorry I couldn't be there dot-mom. I'm really proud of you writing about the Bat Mitzvah, though. It takes a quirky scenario like that, which neither you nor I could have envisioned to happen a few years ago, to really put you in your pew and make you realize that you're a mother all over again (or something not far off), and a happy one at that. Say hi to Angus McDougal for me. :) Love, JG


What a world.


welcome to DotMoms and congratulations on the work it takes to develop a happy blended family - especially when blending religions!

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