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December 27, 2004



We just returned from our Christmas holiday in San Diego (my hometown) and suffered much the same w/ our 10 month old. Lots of waking and in bed w/ mommy from about midnight every single night. But it was worth it. Husband and I got a night's sleep, Kellan felt safe and warm, could nurse as necessary (he was also sick from something that he caught enroute -- airplane germs), and everybody enjoyed the holiday. Last night we were back home and he spent *most* of the night in his own bed. We'll get back there, but in the meantime, what's the point in fighting it? The world is a whole new place for our Kellan and he's still adjusting, just as we're adjusting to our role as parents. We'll all get there. In time.


That, too, will pass.
We moved, barely a block, when my eldest, now 21 years, was all of two. From the time he was a tiny infant he would go with us to watch the house be built. He and the four older ones were perfectly aware that we were moving and knew the new house well, but those first few nights, in his old crib, same sheets and laundry detergent, he cried, couldn't sleep.
So, relax, comfort her. Enjoy, and as soon as you destress, so will she, and she'll be back sleeping the night in her own crib.

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