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December 18, 2004



This is something I really struggle with. It's so hard to stay in the moment when I have a zillion things to do! It's almost as if I need to add "read to the baby, look him in the eyes, pay attention" on my to do list!


I can't wait til my baby can talk to me. For now, she sleeps like a frat boy from 7:30 to 7:30. I spend every moment with her as my first consideration and I do all the other stuff (cleaning, ironing, tv watching, dog training) after she's in bed. We're totally on her schedule but what that has made is an infant who sleeps at 9, 12, and 3 and a house that will still be standing if it's messy as hell all day!

Robin P

I think I read that in the advise column too!! It gets you thinking, doesn't it?
Every day I try to do more with Lillianna.Some days I even succeed!! It's an ongoing thing.

My New Year's Resolutions.......hmmm....I only make one a year so that I can keep it. This year I want to make more time for "family time." It's hard to do because I work all weekend long when people usually spend that time with their family. I'll have to figure out a solution with Rich. We really need this time together.


For the past two months, I was definitely preoccupied with my work thoughts, but I was also able to bring my children to work with me several times. Being able to combo the two was great, although I know my kids needed more of my time than they got. Resolutions? With the exception of the same past two months, I have to say I really do give them a ton of my attention. I learned to stop and listen a long time ago. So much easier and nicer to stop and listen than to try to pretend they aren't jabbering at you :)

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