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December 30, 2004



What are definitions of the busy Mom, I went to www.kathyireland.com and found a lot of helpful answers, would you agree with me? please advise.


This reminds me of my friend,Kristy. When I met her she was divorced from her sons' dad and was remarried. Her boys were 11 and 12. They lived with their dad. When people would hear of her situation they would immediately be horrified and gasp,"What did she do to lose custody of the boys?" Do? Do? She didn't do anything. She left a bad marriage. He was an awesome dad but not a good husband for her. Instead of moving her boys out of their nice home and moving them into her one bedroom apt, she chose to move to the same town and leave the boys in their house,with their own rooms,their friends in the neighborhood and able to attend their own school. She still saw them almost every day.
People mean well, but they need to butt out!
You are a kind,caring and loving mom. Your kids and your ex are very lucky indeed!! Christmas Adam sounds like fun. They will always remember your kindness and generosity!


What a healthy approach to life and childrearing. : )

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