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December 29, 2004



I think it's funny how the gifts we put the least thought into are the ones that are the biggest hit.

My daughter said that she wanted a blue pony just like the little pink pony she already had. I went all over the place looking for just the right one, but with no success. So I got one I thought she would like that had a long mane with braids and accessories to play with. Kind of a larger, stuffed My Little Pony. Well, she's barely given it a second glance. But the Disney cindarella case with mix and match dress up clothes made out of rubber or some other synthetic material has been a big hit. I knew she would like it, but I thought the pony would be the big hit.

As for me, I think the most thoughtful gift I received was a care package sent to a U.S. soldier in Iraq in my name. My father-in-law knew that we didn't need any more junk so that's what he "gave" to all of his kids and their spouses. I think it was a wonderful idea.


My 7 year old loved all of his gifts, but the electric pencil sharpener that he got in his stocking just tickled him pink! :)


Definitely the kitchen - it's a big hit. She's already served pots and pots of "pizza soup." Though she's quite fond of the tricycle from my dad - because of the frigid temps she "rides" it through the family room.
My sweet infant girl is thrilled just watching her big sis be thrilled.


My almost-seven-month-old daughter loves all her gifts, but the best part was opening them. She felt and tasted each new shape and paper carefully, with no expectations of what would be inside. After removing the paper from a box, she would often try to put it back on, so she could open the gift again.


My 10 month old's favorite toy was the classic: a large box that a gift for my dad came in (a new golf bag, so it was a rather large box)! He also liked the maraca (sp?) that came with the Baby Bongo Drums set my sister gave him - possibly the only child that will actually shake a rattle like it was meant to be shaken!

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