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December 29, 2004


justin jhonson

that's freacking crazy im glad im not inyour position!!!!


Lana, Our hearts and prayers go out to you and all who have suffered in this tradegy. We're sorry that you lost friends and loved ones and are relieved that you and your family are safe.

Earlier this evening my husband and I made a sizeable donation to the Red Cross' Tsunami disaster relief fund. Although donating money seems like such a small gesture while we're safe half way around the world.

I know the kind of numbness that comes with disasters as I was living in the West Village in NYC during the World Trade Towers terrorist disaster. Things like this really make you rethink and reprioritize your life.

Once again, prayers to you and your child on the way.


Lana, thank you for sharing your thoughts. As some of the others wrote, it is so hard to comprehend the devastation that has occurred, especially from half way around the globe.

My thoughts are with all those who have lost their lives and with those who have lost their loved ones. More so, my thoughts are with those who must help rebuild after such a tragedy, and I am sure with mixed emotions (shock at the devastation, yet a sense of relief to be alive).

My husband and I donated as much as we could to the Red Cross, but it seems so little. I wish I could give more, but my thoughts and prayers will have to do.

All the best to you and your husband in this difficult, yet also exciting time.



My prayers are with you & your friends. This is such a horrific tragedy. I pray you have a safe delivery of your baby.



My prayers are with you & your friends. This is such a horrific tragedy. I pray you have a safe delivery of your baby.


Glad to know you and yours are OK. I've given something to the relief efforts though it hardly seems to be enough. My heart goes to you all

Brenda Baietto


Thank you for your post and thankfully you and your loved ones survived. I am at a loss for words of comfort for the tragedies of so many. I think you said it best when you noted how precious life is. In an instant life as we know it can disappear. I pray that people around the globe will open their hearts to those in need immediately. We live in such a separated world. We are all - rich, poor, whatever race, creed, - just humans who need eachother. Hopefully we will rise up and meet the challenge of love this tragedy has brought forth. My thoughts are with you as you prepare for the arrival of a new life at a time when life has been dessimated. Much love from my family to yours.


We are thinking about you guys and everyone there. Check out http://kramerica.typepad.com/mmwr/

He is posting ways to help out the people who were devastated by this horrible event. He and my husband work with people who were there. Luckily everyone they knew was okay.

Its tragic and its sad to see so many people dying in this way.


Oh Lana, I am so sorry that you are living amidst this horror. I am so shaken by it, yet in a sense, I just can't fathom what it must be like. I have never been to that part of the world; I have no concept of what life in SE Asia must be like culturally, much less amidst the horror of such a monumental loss of life and belongings. I wish you safety and eventual peace. If it's worth anything, I am about to organize a relief fund with my small playgroup located in WI, USA. If enough people like me and my friends pitch in, hopefully we can help put these countries back together. Surely this is no compensation for the loss of loved ones, but hopefully it will help ease the pain of moving on later on. Please write to let us know your journey, and best of luck to you in your upcoming delivery -


Every day I am more astounded at the devastation from the earthquake/tsunami. There have been many times in my life when I've wanted to reach out and help after a horror like this. It is such a helpless feeling. For the past few days, every time I sit down to eat, play with my children, or simply take a drink of water, I think of the hell that my contemporaries in that region are living. In the past I usually go straight to the red cross to give blood. I've been a regular blood donater in the past but since my recent illness I have been unable to give blood because of the medication I'm taking. I feel so much more helpless not being able to do this one simple thing.

We will be donating to the red cross. I would like to also do something more personal. If you feel comfortable sending an address and a list of items that could really help some people there I would love to send some things. I don't know if the mail will get through but I'd be willing to try. You can email me offline if you think this is a worthwhile idea.


Lana, you wrote so eloquently about your experience. The photos coming out of the area have been devastating, and your comments helped put an even more personal "face" to the headlines. My prayers are with you. How precious your baby was going to be, anyway, and especially so now! Best wishes to you as you await the baby's arrival, and know that you are held in the "arms" of your fellow dot-moms.

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