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January 22, 2005



I just want to say that this sounds so familar to me and brings many tears to my eyes. My son has been diagnosed with the same thing. Until now I have felt like the only parent alive going through this.


Jessie, you are a lovely writer! I can't tell you how many times you've made me teary eyed by writing such moving, and heartfelt stories/essays/letters online. You write from the heart and it's clear how much you love your friends and family. I enjoy everything you write. Just wanted you to know.


I have been following this too, and I type this with tears in my eyes. Rob, you are blessed with a wonderful daughter (no news to you) and good friends. I hope this works as well as it can for you. You and your wife are really great parents, and Jessamyn, thanks for capturing this time. It's times like these, I tell you. Good luck Rob and thanks Jessamyn.

Rob Rummel-Hudson

Thank you, so so much. It was an awful day for us, but it would have been an unbearable week without all of you guys. And your daughter is wonderful, she made me goofy happy while we were there. Bittersweet, perhaps, but mostly sweet.

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