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January 28, 2005


autumn hour

one day when we got back from the grocery store, my 6 year old was helping me put away the groceries. this particular day we had stocked up on ramen noodles. (yes, ramen noodles! she likes them, what can i say?) so as she's putting them away, my husband walks in just in time to hear my little one say, "they need to be arranged by color from darkest to lightest." my husband looked at her, then looked at me and said, "it must be genetic."


My husband likes to kid me about the fact that I'll make the bed while we're still in it. I like to have the sheet and comforter folded over at the top just so... and I can sleep that way and not mess it up. He on the other hand is like a child who is all over the covers and they end up in a mess. Compulsive, me? No!

Regarding the black, frayed and dirty duct tape, someone probably forgot those fancy hidden floral wires and in a panic attached the bows the only way they could.

Great writing!!! I began giggling along with you and your mother!


My mother and I share a similar compulsion, and it usually translates into paper napkin shredding. We both are unable to sit with our hands still, so if given a paper napkin, we will shred it into a million pieces without even being consciously aware we are doing it. I wonder if my daughter will inherit our behavior?

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