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January 08, 2005



You're a mama after my own heart, Jessamyn - whenever I'm feeling like someone in my life needs a pickmeup (even if it's me), I bake cookies, and Everett always gets one for breakfast the next morning! He's old enough now so his sharp little eyes catch them on the way to the living room. (and if it's any consolation, Nicola, even despite Everett's early sweet-tooth, he only ate candle for his first birthday. the best-laid plans...)


Thanks for the suggestion, Kathleen. I'm pretty sure we're already doing that. We provide comfort to Katie in lots of non-food-associated ways, I'm pretty sure, including music (we sing her songs every day and every night at bedtime, my husband plays the guitar pretty much every day, and we play CD's regularly) and stuffed animals (there is one stuffed dog in particular that gets her laughing more than any others). It was never my intention to teach Katie that food is a sole source of comfort. I don't mind teaching her that chocolate chip cookies are an occasional tasty treat, though.


You could also build memories and traditions around music and objects. She could learn to associate comfort with things aside from food like a special CD, stuffed animal or blanket.


Well, I knew Katie was a good eater, but I didn't realize other babies her age or a little older wouldn't want to eat much of a variety. Katie likes EVERYTHING we have given her so far, except for pureed veggies and pureed meat! She has four front teeth, and she uses them to gnaw on the edge of things like cookies. Good luck to you on Kellan enjoying his birthday cake next month!

And I bet your Magic Soup is delicious, Robin!


I'm just impressed that she can eat cookies at 10 months old! My guy's useless with anything more solid than mashed potatoes. I'd love to feed him a cookie, just as a treat, but it would only induce vomiting. He'll be 1 in Feburary and I've always looked forward to letting my baby dig into their own chocolate cake on that all important first birthday. Kellan's going to need some quick improvement in eating abilities if we're going to let him do that without choking and spoiling the event.


I never felt the need to be prepared like that although, being a Jewish mother, I do have the need to feed at all times! My big claim to fame in Lillianna's eyes is that I can whip up home made chicken noodle soup whenever she is sick. She calls it "Mommy's Magic Soup." The magic is love according to her. I just love that!! A side of chocolate chip cookies probably wouldn't hurt her either....lol.


easiest cookie recipe, can be usee for chocolate chips, cinnamon, nuts, seeds, anything

1, 2, 3
just keep those proportions
in grams, with a kitchen scale
100 grams sugar 4 oz
200 grams no salt baking margarine 8 oz
300 grams flour 12 oz (can substitute some powdered chocolate)
and whatever chips, flavors you want

melt marg in micro
mix dry ingredients
add marg

spead on large baking pan with low sides, 1/4 inch or more thick, evenly, use baking paper on bottom

bake in medium oven until looks and smells ready
take out and slice
hardens as cools

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