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January 13, 2005



I grew up thinking that homosexuality was wrong, and it is only since the birth of my son that I have come to the realization that hate and intolerance are what is wrong with this country. I have known many lovely people in my life--some straight, and some gay. To read this story gives me hope for the future--a future without bias of any kind.


Thank you for this story! SO refreshing to hear that there are principals like this in the world, who stand up for real values of tolerance and respect. I hope my baby someday attends a school where he has a principal of similar guts and values.


Sounds to me almost like the situation out here in Orange county, CA, where a gay couple's adopted sons were asked to leave the Catholic school they were attending.

Such utter nonsense.

I commend that principal for standing up for the ideals of real compassion, tolerance, and values.

alice, uptown

That's great news. I went to a snotty prep school in New York in the mid to late 1970s where the headmaster himself would have had a hard time keeping a, pardon the expression, straight face...since his boyfriend taught history and we all knew every gay and lesbian teacher in the school. It was around the time of the Anita Bryant furor, and while I didn't like prep school, I have to say their antidiscimination policy, at least when it came to sexual preferences, meant to me that without it, we wouldn't have any teachers at all. (Granted all my teachers were male, and straight or gay, none had seen a teenaged adolescent girl since the prior year, when girls were first admitted to the institution, but that is a story for another time.)


Great story. Thanks for sharing!


It is truly wonderful to see the way the principal handled the situation... I wish more people had her strength!!!

Robin P

That's perfect!! Thank goodness someone took a stand in a positive way. Who would want their children taught in a school based in descrimination? This is good news for the rest of the world. Maybe things will keep changing in this direction! Bravo!


Wow. Just . . . WOW! What a terrific outlook for a principal! I want MY kids to go there!! I'll bet those two teachers are thanking their lucky stars they found that school AND that amazing administrator!


Thank you for this story. I am glad to see that this principal took the action she did.


Amen! We need a world where all children feel welcomed, nurtured, respected.

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