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January 02, 2005



We made the trip from Illinois to my hometown of San Diego last month so that my family could share in Kellan's first Christmas. Other than the horrible colds (airplane germs), we managed quite well and all had a lovely holiday. I suppose that Kellan's age helps. He's only 10 months old, so had no expectations. And the fact that we moved from Britain to Illinois this year, so we had no family traditions associated with this home. And for me of course, it was truly going home for Christmas, decorating the tree with my family, going to bed in my childhood bedroom and waking for presents the next morning. Dad in his robe cooking up pancakes, Mom looking at all of her Bath & Body Works goodies in her stocking. A trip to the beach after presents. For me, this is Christmas. I've moved around so much in my post-university years that I don't really have another home yet. Hopefully we'll get there and I too will long to spend my Christmas in our own home.


Since my sister, who lives in Switzerland, was spending the holidays at my mom's in San Diego, my family joined hers. Luckily, this was a one-time scenario, because all I can say is NEVER AGAIN!

The money wasted on shipping presents back and forth was staggering, let alone the cash outlay for plane tickets, rental car, entertainment and dining out. The constant rush and packing and repacking as we bounced from one relative's to the others wasn't fun, let alone the colds we all came down with.

But what I missed most were our traditions - cooking special meals, leaving cookies and a cocktail out for Santa, reading "Santa Mouse," tracking Santa's progress on the internet, watching "The Christmas Story" on TNT all day long, hanging out in our pjs, etc.


Luckily none of our family is out of state but even if they were I would not visit them on the holidays. We have our own traditions: Christmas Eve we go to our friends' house which is 25 minutes away. Then we have a few friends over for Christmas morning breakfast around 10:00am which is hours after we have opened presents and showered! The rest of the day is unplanned. If we feel up to visiting someone we will. No rushing. No hysteria. No trying to please anyone but ourselves. Selfish? Nahhhh! We like to think of it as practical.


Been doing the Christmas at home thing for the last three years after six years of driving to the in-laws through some of the worst weather ever, on tight schedules, with kids and dogs in the car.

Never again. Never again. Home is the only answer that makes sense for us!


OH I feel for you! WE did that journey for years before we slept in our own beds for chistmas. It was waaaaaay too much for any of us and I think especially for my husband and me. My MIL and my parents all live in the same town and we even had to switch where we stayed half way through the trip. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers. Congrats on making a great decision for next year - you will love it! Start thinking about what you want to make for xmas breakfast and other new traditions you guys will be creating. That was my favorite part the first year we were "home" for the holidays!

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