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January 04, 2005



On 9/11/01, Lillianna was 1 month away from her 4th birthday. There was no way to shield her from that horror because Rich and I were glued to the tv. Even when we banished her to her playroom with cartoons on her tv, she could still hear what we were watching.

We lived quite close to a rifle club. One day as Lillianna and I were heading to the car, we heard several gun shots from the club. Not understanding where those shots were coming from,Lillianna ran to me in terror, hugged my waist and cried, "Mommy, why are they shooting at us? Are those the bad people that want to kill us????"

I gave her a long explanation and assured her she was safe with Mommy and Daddy and in school etc. I didn't believe that 100% but she was only 4. What would I have said, "This world is completely unsafe and we could die at any minute?"

When she asks for explanations we give them to her but it's not easy,believe me. Last year we had a level 3 sex offender in the apartment across the complex from us. I had to give her a talk on that subject especially because a notice was sent home from school about him!!
Parenthood is not easy!!


After telling my seven year old about the tsunami, it occured to me to ask him whether he wanted to hear more of the news or not. He said no, but I suspect that would not be the answer for every kid. At least it gives them a tiny bit more control of what happens to them every day. I did tell him that when he was older (where do you dry the line in the sand) he would need to know what was going on around the globe, as we all inhabit this earth. This is indeed a tough one.


It's hard to find a balance, especially since I am a news junkie myself.

In the car, when the kids are with me, I turn off NPR so they don't have to hear the days horrors summarized in sixty seconds and instead we listen to music or silence.

At home, we watch the news, but I try not to leave CNN or the like just turned on all the time. We watch for a bit, then switch it off or turn on something the kids like. Often they don't want to watch the news, which is okay when you're little.

We still have lots of discussions, about the 'bad man in the desert' or 'the buildings that got broken.' These things are a part of their lives now, whether we like it or not. But I try not to dwell on it, not when there are better things to be talking about.


I am a mom of a 7-year girl old too. I am often at a loss of what to say to her. A month ago a man committed suicide by driving into oncoming traffic killing her little friend that was in the other vehicle. When she asked "Why?" I did not have an answer. I am still asking why myself.


We can't shelter our kids, makes them unrealistic. Keep a loving, supportive home, and they can survive the horrors of the world.


I hear ya. I'm about a day away from a news blackout, because it's starting to make me sick. Comedies and fantasy only, no true crime or network news for me!


So well said. There are days I really feel the same, especially lately!

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