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January 24, 2005


Rayne of Terror

I subscribe to savingdinner.com where Leanne provides the grocery list and the recipes 6 nights a week. For $30 a year you can choose vegetarian, regular, low carb for 2 or 6. The meals are so varied but never take longer than 1/2 hour to make, it's like eating at a restaurant. Also she includes one crock pot meal per week.


Wow, did this hit me at the right time. I just made the transition to SAHM, and have a husband who cooks every night. To make matters worse, he's practically gourmet-level.

My strategy is to ask my friends to forward all their easy weeknight recipes, and go dust off my never-been-used crockpot! We've also decided he can make his seven hour roasts or 100 spice chicken on the weekend, and hopefully we'll get leftovers out of it.

Can I recommend the Mark Bittman book, "How to Cook Everything"? It's really been helpful to this peanut butter eater. And if you have any great recipes, send them my way:)


I've just tried this new service - dream dinners where you can prepare a whole month's set of meals in one afternoon in their kitchen. They provide everything and clean up after you. Then you just pick out what you want for dinner that day, let it thaw, put it in the oven and ta-daa! dinner is ready.
Check them out, it might be helpful.


That reminds me... must pick up something for dinner tonight. How about crockpot chicken and dumplings?


My husband and I do this in reverse, and I have to say that as a woman, I see his stay at home role differently. We split household chores just as we did when we both worked. I do the bathrooms and dusting, he does the floors. He cooks, I clean up the kitchen afterwards. I do laundry when I come home in the evening, he does the ironing. Just because he's home during the day doesn't make him any more responsible for the household than he was when we both worked.

He has a full time job. His name is Kellan, he's 11 months old and full of mischief. I get to relax at my desk all week. Its me who feels guilty at the end of the day!


Crockpots are a wonderful thing!! Easy to cook with, delicious meals and frugal too.
I have a friend though who won't use one because she is afraid her house will burn down while she's at work and has it cooking for her... I thought this was silly, but it's a belief her whole family has... Just shows how much we do pass onto our children.


Or you could live an expat life in Vietnam like me and have a maid. ;) To be honest, I'd rather have a crockpot and live in the U.S.!

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