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January 03, 2005


Nancy Bea

The Tsunami stories of kids slipping out of their parent's grasp really bring up a primal parental fear. I finally had to stop reading the paper for a few days, and take a break from the horror (what a privilege, just to stop reading about it, not having to live it). I'll never forget the story of a grandmother who had three grandchildren to protect, and she had to let one go because "God did not give me three arms." I cannot even imagine the kind of triage decision the brain must go through at that moment.


Sofie's choice.


I heard a story like that but I thought the let-go kid was lost. I hope I just heard wrong and that the child was safe. I shudder every time I think of that story and of the thousands of others.

My daughter was born two days before the start of the Iraq war - so you and I must have been sitting in front of the same TV news stories as we cradled our newborns. I remember nursing my daughter and watching the US forces topple that big Saddam statue. It was surreal.

Auntie M

I heard about that story too... from another mother. I think it's one of the worst possibilities as a mother.. to choose between your kids. What a horrible situation for all affected by the tsunami. It's hard to imagine from my warm home.

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