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January 14, 2005


Robin P

Lillianna loves to play musical instruments and sing. Whether she is singing on key or off, she sings loudly and proudly! I just smile.

On the days that she just gets too noisy I say, "Mommy's head is going to explode. Can you take a break?" She laughs and goes off to play with something else.

It reminds me of something I heard years ago. If you ask a room full of adults,"Who here can sing?" maybe one or two hands will go up. If you ask that same question to a group of kids they will ALL yell, "Me! Me! I can sing!!"


Yeah, cocoa puffs! Here's to a weekend full of noise and chocolate--at our home as well as yours.


my son just got a whistle as a birthday party favor. it's shaped like a train, which makes it even MORE appealling. from the moment he wakes up til he goes to bed, it's all about the whistle. and my favorite part? when he says, "mommy, let me show you how the whistle works. you blow like this, 'tweeeeet,' and noise comes out." thanks honey, i'll remember that.

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