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February 01, 2005



I feel very lucky to say that my husband was the one who got up with all four of our little ones...yet, somehow, I still don't feel rested ;o)

Robin P

On Tuesday,Wednesday and Saturday I wake up at 5am. Sundays I get up at 4:30am. Rich is still snoring while I am in the shower and making my lunch. If I do the math on this one I might smother him with his own pillow. I refuse to go near the calculator.

Jerri Ann

Hi, I am too sleep deprived to do all that math, hang on while I ask my rested husband to do it for me...hahahah, that is about how I feel about right now.....9 1/2 weeks into a 5 week preemie's life who still eats every 2 hours, 2 hospital stays into this 9 1/2 week olds life and a 2 year old later....

Elizabeth S.

I heartily agree! Things have equalized since our youngest turned 18 months, though. I don't have to get up in the night so much anymore, and my husband's career is on the fast track these days so he gets up early to get to the office before the sun rises. But regardless of sleep, men can look cute with wrinkles, that's the hard truth!


A friend at work was looking through some digital photos of my previous existence (before the boy). There were some from a holiday, taken about 18 months ago (I was pregnant, but not showing yet). "Oh, look how young you are!" she exclaimed. I wondered, should I tell her that the photo was taken last year? This child has aged me already!


Saw the post on NAWW's blog about the NYT article and I have to say that whoever wrote that piece calling this sort of blogging narcissistic doesn't seem to understand how women communicate. I've found that there can be great community on some of these mothering blogs because so many of us can relate to what's being said and the comments section allows us to voice this. Also, you have a very large blogroll of other moms who blog, which hardly screams narcissitic to me.

Jeremiah Lee

Hey...I happen to be up more than my wife at night, putting our child in the sling and getting her back to sleep. I also tend to get up when our daughter wakes up (about 6-6:30) while my wife stays in bed until 7:30 or so.

How did I get this part of the deal? Maybe it's part of the stay-at-home dad package?

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