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February 23, 2005



I have done the role playing act with Lillianna. I think it teaches them how to take the pain and turn it into words. Even though this didn't work out the way your daughter wanted it to,at least she said what was in her heart. That's the most important lesson, to speak up and be heard.
It's hard to watch them get hurt but at least we are there to hug them when they cry.

Teeny Parker

Your article about "Hard lessons at a tender age" brought back memories to me. I taught 1st or 2nd grade off and on, mostly on, for 43 years.
So many times I told parents to let their child experience mistakes at an early age for the consequences at that age are usually not so big as they will be when thy experience them later in life. All of us need to know how to handle disappointments intelligently and with grace.


Bravo to you mom! I think it is such a great idea to role play the situation so that she could be calm and best articulate her thoughts. What a great tool for the future. And she has learned that if someone does something she doesn't like or hurts her, she can say something -- you consoled her but gave her a way to fix it and that is major kudos!


That was so sweet and so sad. What a wonderful way to approach the problem though, to have her call and articulate her feelings. That's such an "adult" thing for her to do. Even if her friend didn't respond in kind, your daughter learned a valuable lesson. If only we all could have learned to simply let people know that they'd hurt us, to say it out loud, at such a young age. Would probably solve a lot of our adult problems!

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