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February 09, 2005



Not a Mom, or even a Dad (yet), but you may consider also using this as an opportunity to educate your son and daughter on what to do if they come across a real gun. Eddie the Eagle (an NRA program - http://www.nrahq.org/safety/eddie/) is a good place to start.

- Nick

Joe Goldberg

"Boys will be boys," and they'll let their violent side show through by playing out violent fantasies or role-plays. It's a healthy step in becoming a balanced adult, hardwired into our species. However, there's a difference between the imaginative use of fingers and sticks, and the use of toy guys. The former allows a boy to play within a fantasy world of his creation, the latter stifles creativity and thrusts him into the world created by the gun maker (probably a licensed tie-in with a cartoon or movie), where the gun is not only a gun, but a symbol of the values promoted by the cartoon (i.e. violence solves problems, use force to get your way, the biggest always win). Fingers and sticks don't contain that baggage.

This is one of the great points made in the book Consuming Kids, which I highly recommend:


I've found that to be true to, that the no gun policy makes them even more likely to fantasize about EVERYTHING being a gun. What is the fascination? But I don't believe in toy guns creating violent sociopaths. If that were true, I myself would be a violent sociopath.

Oh, wait....


Our rule is that you can't shoot people, only things.


yes, i fought that battle too, and lost. even without a toy gun, every stick became a gun, and all his megablocks were fashioned in the shape of pistol. in fact, every long pointed object that remotely resembled a gun was used for a gun, much to my dismay. it's a boy thing:) no use fighting it. i figure as long as he's learning compassion and positive conflict resolution, there's no need to make an issue out of it. because if i were to enforce a no-gun policy, it would make guns all that much more appealing.

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