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February 28, 2005



You have an amazing way with words. you also have an ability to capture those small-enormous moments that mark our days ......that's a gift......
You can create a vignette of our day-to-day lives that allows us to see what a blessing it is to be a mom and what a challenge it is to be a kid.
GO GIRL!!!!!!!


I love your descriptions of a lived-in and loved-in home, and am glad I have all of that to look forward to. As the mother of a one year old, it was only recently that I had to learn to strive for completion, not perfection. It is my favourite bit of advice from someone (of course I can't remember who it was) and it's the first thing I tell my friends who are new moms. But I still make the bed every morning, because then I know I've done at least one thing right each day.


We have a height chart on our wall of kiddo#1's growth. It's just pencil markings on the wall. And we also have a belly chart on the same wall with pencil markings of my Belly growing. If we ever have to move, I'd like to bring that wall with me. My MIL (a neat freak at best) can't understand why we can't have a paper chart and leave the walls alone but I like having personal details around the house that say "We live here." A great post today! :)

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