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February 19, 2005


Cara Fletcher

I admit that sometimes is not really interesting to be a mom.After pregnancy you can't do the usual things you have done in the past like physical workouts,going out with friends,shopping for hours.But on the other hand you have your kids.So it worths the sacrifice.


I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I love and hate it in equal measure. I haven't quite found my 'ballet' but I'm looking for it. I hope to find it before I go completely mad!


i love my son. and i love staying at home. but it does get boring like you said and you just want to get away. but thing thats different between you and me... YOU have a car/liscence/etc. i dont. and my husband works all day. the nearst mall is in the next town. and i dont have money for a babysitter. but i guess you make the most of it when your STUCK. ya know? its just the getting up and down, changing diapers every 2 seconds, the crying, the fits. it drives you nuts! but you cant help but love them and be glad your there.


I love this line. Thank you for writing it.

"My feelings about motherhood run the gamut from delight to loathing, but my feelings about my children are rock steady. I love my kids, but I don't always love being at home with them."


While I haven't resorted to making out with the dads at the park, I haven't found my "ballet" and have no idea where to look. Knitting, cross-stitch, photography, and baking all appeal. Now just to buckle down and learn!


My answer to the slavery of stay-at-home momhood is cross stitch. I, too, love my kids, just not always being with them alone twelve hours a day. The blogs help to know I'm not alone!

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