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February 02, 2005



Oh, how I can relate to this post. So much so that it inspired me to come out of lurkdom and actually respond.

My baby turned one last week, and like yours, she is my last child (and if my 3.5 year old continues to behave like Ivan The Terrible, she may well become my only child). I love seeing all the new things she can do and how excited she gets with each accomplishment (mom! If I throw my sippy cup on the floor, it makes a HUGE noise!), yet I long for those sweet early days when she'd sleep in my arms, and it felt like the whole world was at peace. And I know that she's heading -- full steam ahead! -- into the rocky waters of toddlerhood, and I am not ready to wage those battles with her.

Here's hoping both our babies will agree to hold onto their babyhood just a while longer.


Oh Martha! That was such a sweet post. I completely understand your feelings of not wanting to let go. I have it, too, and my kids are 3 & 5.

They performed in a musical this week. How could my babies remember all those steps and songs? It was remarkable. With each milestone comes the bitter and the sweet.

Blessings to you,


My Simon (and his twin Nathan) will also be ONE in two weeks. We are leaning toward these two being our only children, so every milestone is bittersweet.


For me it was more emotional when he reached milestones. He was barely crawling at one, so when he started to walk a few months later, it made me emotional. When he started solid foods and wasn't relying only on breastmilk I got emotional.

Sweet story.


Tears from me, too! My daughter Katie turns one on March 7th. When I'm putting her to bed the night before, I'll have to ask her the question you asked Simon. I am almost sure she will "say" yes! :)


Yep, big tears here too. That story is beautiful.


That made me cry! I feel like Ella is growing up so fast, too. We aren't planning to have another baby until she's older (around 5 or 6) because I'm only 25 and still trying to finish law school. But it's moments like the one you described, smelling her breath, touching her soft cheek, that make me sad to realize that I won't have another baby again for a while.

That was beautifully written - you should save it for your son!


That was very sweet. I still feel the same way about my son and he's 2 1/2 years old!

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