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February 05, 2005



We were in the same meals every week routine too, then I discovered a website www.e-mealz.com
We love it and boy has it helped the dinner rountine blahs, and our grocery budget.
I was once told by my kids doctor that if the kids don't eat then not to worry about it, and do not force them to eat. My son Matthew when he was two lived on 1 pbj sandwich a day for about 2 weeks. That's all he wanted all day long. He survived and now is like a bottomless pit.
I wouldn't make a big deal about it.


Here's something that might help with your meal planning: http://www.ag.ndsu.nodak.edu/nutrition1h.htm. It's called "Eating Well While Spending Less" by NDSU Extension Service. Five sets of one-week menus, recipes and shopping lists. That's three nutritious meals plus snacks for five weeks already planned out for you. And there's very little repetition. Once you've finished week five, you could always start over at week one. I haven't tried an entire week at once but I've tried a few recipes and they're not bad.

I also like Ellyn Satter's book "Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family". That has a three-week cycle menu with recipes, supper only. And I like her philosophy on feeding kids. The main theme is that your job is over once the food is on the table. Your kids are the ones responsible for eating or not eating the food.

In my opinion, the fun part about a family meal is the family, not the meal. And you can't please everyone every day. So cook your favorite today, somebody else's tomorow, etc. and serve bread as an option of last resort at every meal.

Good luck!


LOL- the dinner time ritual is the same at our house, unless of course I'm serving up mac-n-cheese. :)


Oh great. Advice.


there's only one way. Eat with them. Finish and clear the table. If they're hungry, they'll eat. No snacking. If they're not hungry they shouldn't eat. They should never eat to make you happy. If they don't like what you're serving, tough luck, on them, not you. Kids don't starve themselves.

Please stop worrying about food. Of my five kids there were all sorts of eating habbits, including one who didn't. She grew late and was always healthy. Today, as she's approaching 29, whe eats a wide variety, but small quantities, and most important, SHE THANKS ME FOR NOT FORCING HER TO EAT.


my favorite thing about mealtimes, is when my daughter says, "We've had this xx amount of times this week."

And I reply: "Sweetheart, you've only deemed 4 items edible. There are 7 days in a week. Let's do the math together."

See it's math! So even though my children are nutritionally deprived...they're smart.

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