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February 04, 2005



I confess. I watch SuperNanny and I don't even have kids! I'm glad to see some of her techniques work, somewhat, in the real world.


Just my two cents, but I think you are right on track with your son. Sometimes my daughter, who is 2.5 years old, asks for the punishment also. I think she just wants to be sure I care enough to punish her or something weird like that. If your son is still stopping the bad behavior, even though he likes the naughty stool, I think you are doing the exact right thing.


Wow, your stool worked a lot longer than mine (and getting the potty to work is a whole different deal). Anyway, once the time-out chair failed I had no other choice than to institute a punishment from my childhood, standing in the corner with your nose on the wall. Works for a while, but eventually they find a way to make even that fun; darn kids!


I used the "time out chair" from the time that Lillianna was 2 years old. It wasn't the same chair every time so I hope I don't get a mean look from SuperNanny. I always put Lillianna in a spot where nothing was going on. If I was in the kitchen,the time out chair was in the dining room where she couldn't see a darn thing. If I was in the living room,then I sat her on the stairs leading upstairs. Both sides were blocked so she could only see our side door. No Mommy. No tv. No nothing! She sat with her hands in her lap,eyes front,thinking about what she did. When the timer went off she sat and waited until I came for her. Then we talked.
Is your son's Naughty Stool in a fun place with a view of everything? If so, let him face the wall.
Good luck.


My boys use to have time outs in the bathroom...sitting on the toilet lid. Pretty boring! I agree with the first commenter, some kids just need a place to be alone and be good. Plus it's all on display!


It might not be a bad thing that he likes it. The point of time out is not to punish but to remove the kid from the bad situation. He may actually realize that he needs a minute (or three) to go recoup, then get back to play. Before long, the novelty will wear off and he may start to not enjoy it again.


I also use the stairs for time outs. He hates it because it faces the front door and that is all he can see. He can't see me or his brother or anything else. So far, it has worked much better than the chair I used to use.


Oh, my, this cracked me up. I, too, have been using the Supernanny's approach for the last week or so, with my 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old. I've had mixed results so far, but it has improved my follow-through and consistency. Walking over to them, getting down to their level and talking in a low tone has been an improvement for me too. (As opposed to sitting on my butt and yelling across the room.) So last night, Ben got a time out, I walked him to his chair, got down to his level, started to say my lines about "that was inappropriate.." And he just said, "go start the timer! go start the timer!" I could barely stop myself from smiling, he figured out the count-down aspect of the timer, and wanted me to set it as fast as possible. Anyway, I was just saying to my husband last night, "I love how they use the naughty chair twice on that show, then the child becomes an angel." Real life just isn't that easy.


I had that problem once with a kid I babysat, so I moved his 'naughty stool' to a 'naughty step' in the stairwell. It worked cause it was a tad drafty (not enough to be a health hazard though) and so a very uncomfortable place to be.


hahaha :)

i guess this only means you've got to be more creative now...

think of something he'd never like... then again, with kids, who really knows?

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