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February 07, 2005


Jeremiah Lee

Being a standard-edition man (in some ways, at least), I have a pile of clothing. What has worked for me and my wife, is that my pile of clothing is in my closet. Shut the door, and blamm-o, the room is clean.

Roomba sounds great! I don't mind vacuuming much, especially when I can use it to help my (now 8 month old) daughter get to sleep in the sling, but Roomba could be a big help for when she gets older and needs to use up some energy.


Purposely did not read kiddo#1 the story of Hansel and Gretel because 1. the whole cooking witch in the oven thing and 2. the crumbs. Kiddo#1 would most likely sprinkle crumbs to mark his path and our house would end up looking like a Family Circu comic strip.


:) I LOVED this post!! Your writing is so natural and I actually laughed out loud while reading. I need to vacuum more..it did remind me of that...and I think I'm going to look for this roombie thing :)

Thanks for making me smile on a tired Monday morning where my child woke me up by saying, "mama, wet!"

Mama Sarah

I found a Roomba (robotic vacuum) on sale at my wholesale club and bought it on a whim. I was very skeptical-- nothing that sounds that good could actually be true. But Roomby (I call him Roomby now because we're such close friends) turned out to be one of those good surprises. Not only does he sweep my floors (he can do carpet too, but sometimes the fuzz is just too much for his little hopper), but he entertains my children at the same time. My five-year-old jumps around the room feining narrow escapes and my one-year-old sends his toys for a ride on old Roomby's back, instead of eating my dust-piles.

The spousal laundry arguments in our house are constantly regenerating, much like the laundry pile. My husband once asked me why I kept talking to him like he was in third grade. Hmmm... I wonder?


Great piece Elizabeth!

I think the clothes pile gene is resident in the male chromosome.

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