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February 17, 2005


Gary M.

I never played doctor, or pretended to be married ... then at 13 all hell broke loose. be glad that she is pretending now while she is little.


I am not even sure how I would react. I am still trying to deal with the curiousity my daughter has with her body parts.


My 6 yr old has wanted to marry Beau ever since he kissed her behind the bushes at church. Apparently half the girls that are close to his age, at church, want to marry him as well, but he doesn't know this.


My guy's still too young for any of this, but I too was "engaged" at a very young age. Ryan and I were very serious about spending the rest of our lives together. We were 4. We had it all planned out, we were going to get married, buy houses and live next door to each other, raise our family.

Ryan is now happily married to a wonderful woman who will be giving birth to their first child this summer. Neither of our spouses has any jealousy or other issues about our previous engagement. We remain the closest of friends.


Oh yes, Logan got married in the recess line in Pre-K. Lovely girl, but she moved away. He doesn't think of her much any more. Besides? This year, girls are YUCKY.


My preschooler is head over heels in love with his classmate, Julia. Before he met her, I was the one he wanted to marry but now he only wants Julia. He missed her so much over Christmas break that he made his little brother pretend to be Julia while they played. I think its really sweet and it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think his dad and I must be doing a good job role modeling a happy marriage and he sees that and wants to be like us.


This was so funny! :) Kiddo#1 is still too young to consider marriage but when he does, I hope he brings home a winner.

I remember getting married when I was five to Joshie. He was a hunk!


This is completely normal - not to mention sweet and adorable. I would let it be. By 2nd grade the boys and girls will break off and hate each other. By 4th the girls will establish crushes and the boys will not want to hear of it. By 6th grade, they will be going to school dances, and then it is all down hill.


Well, Stacey was engaged in pre-k through first grade, but the groom-to-be never really knew. My oldest and youngest have both made wedding plans many times, but no one has gotten married yet. The oldest has notified me, though, that in Japan, he could get married at 13. Ha! (He's 14, but he says they can marry at 13 there.)


What a sweet story, Robin! My baby's still too young - and I dread the day I have to share him with girls! - but my family loves to remind me that when I was little girl, I once told them that I wanted to have babies but not get married because I didn't want to live with a boy. Hehe..

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