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March 03, 2005



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Awesome!!!! I liked this blog very much, specially this recipes because i love the tomatoes like principal ingredient . The tomatoes is rich in antioxidants, have many vitamin and even can help you too keep your youth. So if you don’t eat it frequently I recommend you at least twice per week.


I just can't get enough of oven roasted mini roma tomatoes! The checkout operator had a strange look on her face when I bought loo paper and 4 punnets of tomatoes. Lol! The only tomato stuff I ate before I was pregnant was Sauce and Sun-dried ones. MMMM, I'm drooling just thinking about them and I only just finished half punnet for lunch!


I am currently in my 7th week of my 4th pregnancy. I have been craving cheese, mashed potatoes, steak, and especially chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips in it!!! Sound like I eat a lot but I have lost weight so far!!!


I craved equate baby powder during my whole pregnancy. I couldn't help but eat it.


Its funny, this is my 4th pregnancy, (previous 3 ended in miscarriage) but one craving has been the same throughout...cheese with peanutbutter. We're talking macaroni and cheese with peanut butter here. Gross sounding, but OH SO YUMMY! Also, with this pregnancy, I have been craving roastbeef sandwiches with pepper jack cheese, olives and pickles. I go to Subway once or twice a week now! I also used to make fun of the whole pickle craving, but I ate a whole jar of Klaussen pickles in 2 days. The other big one has been anything spicy...I am 11 weeks right now, and have only gained baout 3 pounds...but I fear with the eating habits I have adopted....I will end up looking like the good year blimp! I am already showing so much that people are asking me if I am having twins!


I'm just at 12 weeks with my first, and so far I haven't gained more than about two pounds, but I've just been HUNGRY all the time. Or at least, I was, although that seems to be abating. My cravings are on an hour-to-hour basis. I'll start thinking of something that sounds good and I want it NOW. Last night I realized that Mac n Cheese sounded DELICIOUS. But we didn't have any so I let it go. Yesterday, chocolate milk. I got some at the office and felt like I might as well put a sign on my chest that says "pregnant"!

Katie Jo

I have been craving condiments like crazy. Mustard, ketchup, butter, pickles, ect. Things that I normally don't eat. I have also been craving cheese and butter. I am afraid that by the end of this I will be huge. Tomatoes is another craving. I really want to find out the special nutrients in tomatoes that might make a pregnant women crave them. I feel really nauseous throughout most of the day. I have been forcing myself to nibble throughout the day, and after I eat I feel a little bit better for a little while.


For me it was vanilla ice cream, but the twist was, there had to be Peanut butter, and chopped up pickles, and alot of them, and I would eat it alllll the time. The day after I gave birth I couldn't even stand to look at it, and now I'm pregnant again and have my husband making it for me allll the time hehe.


With the first it was all junk...and lots and lots of 4% milk (gained 50 lbs.!) and the smell of gas, I couldn't get enough. My husband would have to lecture me when I had to stand beside him while he was filling our car and tell me to "step away from the pump".
With my 2nd it was all healthy...veggies and sardine sandwiches with mustard and tomato in a pita and soy egg-nog. I gained 16 lbs in total by the end, I was so good!! 3rd time (right now) I go through a watermelon every 3-4 days. Oranges, oranges, oranges (good) and lots of junk too (bad). Chocolate, cookies, cream filled things, and pretty much ANYthing I SMELL, I later HAVE to have, no matter if I would normally never eat it. I have gained 12-13 lbs. and I'm just 27 weeks. I think I will be a balloon at the end of this one, 12 weeks to go adn I'm supposed to gain a lb. a week I'm told?!


Im pregnant now (23 weeks) and am just getting over the most horrible morning sickness.
Baby no.1 was a boy and I felt great the entire pregnancy.
Baby on the way is a girl and she's left me miserable. Could this be a sign of things to come??
Strangley enough, my cravings have been basically the same.
I crave creamy things like cream cheese, potato salad, milkshakes and mashed potatos with lots of butter.
Also have a love for lemons, watermelon and tomatoes.
Gained 39 lbs. with first, and have gained 23 already this time around.


The fact that I can't even stand the smell of it when I'm not pregnant non-withstanding; I craved guacamole with all three pregnancies. I also couldn't get enough orange juice in spite of excruciating heartburn. This pregnancy has unfortunately brought out an obsession with Flaky Puffs.


Ice cream, especially chocolate ice cream

A large chocolate dairy queen with chocolate dip is ideal (it's a good thing the nearest one is 20 minutes away!)


Watermelon. I ate entire watermelons.

And a few times I had to drive to Dairy Queen and ask them to put one squirt of hot fudge and one of caramel into a tiny cup with nothing else - and at first they charged me fifty cents and then as I got hugely pregnant, I guess they felt sorry for me and comp'd the weird pregnant lady.


Guess I was lucky. I craved fresh vegetables, couldn't get enough of them, tomatos especially. And cottage cheese. I worked across from a grocery store and went over every lunchtime to buy cottage cheese and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. Ah yes, now I remember, that was my bad craving, fried food -- crisps, chips, tempura -- anything fried, had to have it.


Oooh, pregnancy cravings. I craved tropical fruit roll-ups (gross), Mint Milanos, and most of all, Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches. Every Friday night I would go to Chick-Fil-A and bring back a combo for my husband and me to eat in front of the T.V. No wonder he gained 10 lbs! :-)


Re Hawaiian Punch, you absolutely must try to find Apple & Eve's "Elmo's Punch" at the market. It is 100% fruit juice, enriched with calcium and vitamin C, and I swear it tastes exactly like Hawaiian Punch. I lived on it during my last pregnancy. You'd never believe there was no sugar added. Yes, there was a big picture of Sesame Street's Elmo on the label, but mmmmmmmmmm . . . it is so worth any embarassment in the checkout line, and at least I could convince myself all the calories weren't quite "empty."


Although I don't live in Florida anymore there is a chain of restaurants called ALE HOUSE. They make what they call "ZINGERS". It's basically boneless buffalo wings. When I was pregnant with my first I went to Ale House at least once a week and ordered ZINGER'S HOT, a side of broc. and Sweet Tea. I just had to have it! It's is one of my favorite meals when I'm not pregnant but, I just wanted it all the more when I was pregnant! I tell anyone who is going to florida they have to find an ALE HOUSE and order the ZINGERS!!


Oh the cravings! With my first son, I craved salami - of all the bad things to eat when pregnant!! I fantasized about salami sandwiches loaded with everything and I indulged myself about once a month. And with my second son, it was chocolate....and now that I think about it...that craving hasn't gone away yet - and he's two!!

That's funny about the Hawaiian Punch! I'll make sure we get you some next time we see you ;-)


Dirt, I craved dirt. (pica) Especially my first pregnancy. Fortunately for everyone's sake, I never indulged. Nothing like the smell of a fresh mud puddle, was my motto.

Rayne of Terror

Steak n Shake milkshakes, ice cream in general, nuts, eggs over easy


I only had one - smoked salmon with fried eggs. It started as I was waiting for the train in the morning and it was so bad I could smell it! I fantasised about it all day and had my dad buy it and went over to my parents' place to have it for dinner. About halfway through the meal, the craving stopped.


With my son, it was olives, carrots and Yodels. With my daughter, it was anything protein (meat and eggs especially) and salty things.


My cravings varied throughout my pregnancy. In the first trimester, it was anything sour: pickles, sour patch kids, and sweet tarts. Second trimester it was nothing in particular, but by the third, I craved salty foods and ordered a pepperoni pizza once a week, and in my 33rd week (when I was on bedrest), it was chocolate.
I think the cravings follow you out into postpartum for a little bit: after I had my daughter, I craved potato salad and salami for a little while.


I craved and ate lots of milk shakes made with Breyers vanilla ice cream and Half and Half!!! Must have been 1,000s of calories a glass. I gained 52 lbs with number one but only 47 with number two for a grand total of 99 gained and lost over the three year period!

I still have fond memories of spring in the air and my lovely "cream shake" in my hand with my little moustach. ENJOY!

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