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March 06, 2005



Gosh, if only more divorced parents were as cool and collected as you are! Finding a way to make it works for everyone is so key.


When my husband and I got married, he was the custodial parent of a then 6 year old boy. We cherished our free every-other weekends. Now that we have our own 6 year old, we've actually discussed how great it could be if we separated - we'd get every other weekend off!! LOL!! Of course that's nothing to joke about, but it's fun to dream. Go ahead and enjoy them. It's only 4 days a month - you deserve them.


Oh that makes me SOOO happy to read this. I was totally flambasted by someone reading my post...and it makes me feel good to see I'm not alone. feel free to email me any time!!


we went on a four day trip recently and everyone kept saying "ooooh! you must be so happy to be coming home to see those babies."

Actually, I made it a point not to miss them. What good would it do? I was going home in two days! Where I'd be with them 24 hours a day again! I know EXACTLY why you don't call and/ miss them. Because they are fine and you will see them again soon and they sometimes cry when they talk to mommy on the phone. (at least mine do)


Ain't that the truth! I love my daughter and I miss her like crazy when she is not here, but I love being able to go out for drinks without costing in money for a babysitter, or handling an 8 yr old with a hangover the next day. My ex needs to be given time to establish his long term relationship with his daughter too and I get "me" time.

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