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March 23, 2005



My daughter lost her meow meow yesterday, she's 2. She's had him since she was a baby, she only sucked her fingers when she had him to hold. Now she doesn't suck her fingers anymore. I'm totally devastated and heartbroken, we even bought an identical toy when we bought meow meow, but she knows the difference. I feel like this event has forced her to grow up faster than she is supposed to.:(


My youngest daughter had a troll doll she named Trollie. One day I innocently remarked, the doll was so ugly it was cute. She went and got a marker and drew lipstick on it and had her older sister put a pony tail on the dolls hair. She brought it back to me with her lower lip trembling. I felt horrible. She slept with Trollie well unto her teen years. If she had lost it at anytime I would have been heartsick. I feel a tug now just thinking about her being little with her Trollie doll.

I am sorry about Mormie.


(This was supposed to be the first paragrpah of my comment)

I've still got Blankie. He was an old fluffy brushed cotton double blanket my Dad bought my mum when he sort of proposed ("Those blankets on the back seat are for when we are married"). My brother and I had a blankie each and when my mum decided I was too old for blankie and threw him away my brother cut his in half for me. I am now 37 and Blankie lives under the bottom drawer in the desk downstairs. I always know where my Blankie is. I've also got Rabbit. Rabbit underwent major surgery many times, mostly with bobkins and embroidery yarn. Rabbits still knocking around somewhere, I think under my bed.


It is with great disappointment I can report that my daughter has no such loyalty. She is as fickle as they come. One minute it is a goose which houses a manky hot water bottle, the next the yellow duck I bought her last week. Each time she declares undying love and won't be parted. Each time it last for about 15 minutes. I'm hoping this isn't foreshadowing of the the future. If so I can look forward to a series of husbands abandoned in an old toy box somewhere, waiting for me to pop in one of those bags you can vacuum all the air out of for storage.



Lillianna never got attached to just one stuffed animal but every time we try to down-size them to make room for other toys, I am the one with attachment problems.
She will hold up Choo-Choo,the fat cuddly tiger that Rich bought for me when we were first together. I scream,"NO!!! Not him!!" and then I grab him in a snuggly hug. Then I will hold up one of Lillianna's toys and she will shake her head,"That was from Auntie!"
Every stuffed animal has a story and a place in our heart. I can't imagine losing one of them.
In a way,each one represents someone who loves us and it's hard to part with that.


oh man *I* am sad! Okay I have nothing insightful to add am I gonna get stoned?


I thought I had the problem solved in advance. I bought two stuffed elephant dolls for my daughter to sleep with. I bought two identical dolls so that if she lost one, she'd have an extra. However, she refused to pay the doll any attention, despite my best efforts. Later, I bought my son two darling identical teddy bearsm each with a tiny built-in blanket. Same theory. Same result: he never sleeps with them.

I guess you can't force love.


I can really sympathize with Mormie's loss. Our son got li-li, a stuffed lion, when he was 10 months old. The day he got the lion, from my mother on Mother's Day, was the day he walked for the first time, when she held it out to him. Since then, Sawyer and li-li have been inseparable. Flash forward to Christmas morning -- wrapping paper everywhere. My wonderful husband picks up the paper in big armfuls and loads it into garbage bags, to be taken to be burned later that day at his grandmother's house. In the hustle and bustle of the day, we didn't think to look for li-li until that night, at bedtime. He was missing. Saywer cried, where's li-li?! We looked all over, called the grandmother, the parents, searched the house. Suddenly I looked at my husband and said, "he couldn't have been in the burn bag, could he?" I've only seen my husband cry twice in my life. This was one of those times. He cried like a baby, so distraught over the loss of li-li at his hands. I bought another li-li, but of course it wasn't the same, didn't have matted fur, didn't have bald spots on his head. Sawyer knew the difference. I told him it was li-li, he said, no, this is not li-li, I want li-li. Some weeks later, we're all in the playroom before bed. Sawyer toddles over to the play cash register, opens the door, and pulls out li-li, just as cool as can be. Back from the dead! We all cried then, with tears of joy that li-li had been found. I've never seen my husband so happy. Sawyer is almost 6 now, and the 'other' li-li, is "li-li's mom". Li-li still seems to follow him everywhere.


I agree, you probably associate so much of her childhood with Mormie that it hurts you more than her to have Mormie gone. Ella has "Floppy" - a very floppy bunny that she loves to snuggle with. I hope she'll keep Floppy around for a long time to come (she's only 5 months old). But I'm sure the time will come when Floppy is lost or cast aside, and I'm sure it will hurt.


My daughter has a beloved blanket - "yellow." Yellow was not only her first friend, it was the first color she recognized, and one of her first words. She loves her "yelllow." Yellow's (mis)adventures have resulted in both Daddy and I going to some great lengths to ensure out little girls comfort and happiness. During the first snowstorm this year, yellow turned up missing at bedtime. We searched and searched. Isabelle handled it well, going to bed with out yellow, but Daddy and I felt terrible. Convinced that yellow must have fallen out of the truck while loading up to come home, Daddy drove to the daycare center at 11:00 at night to search the parking lot. He was concerned that if the lot got plowed oernight, yellow would be torn to shreds. Alas, yellow was found the next morning safely tucked in Isabelle's cubby at school.

Recently, Isabelle has been acting strangely toward yellow. She sometimes refuses to take "him" to school or to sleep with him. One day she threw him on the floor and said "No, I'm mad at you yellow!" And, most heartbreaking, she has adopted another blanket which she calls "Other blanket" and sometimes flaunts its presence in front of yellow.

Now, my theory is that she's doing some sort of role playing for experiencing different emotions (independence, anger, embracing change...)with her most trusted companion. OK, that's probably a bit deep for a two-year-old). But, I really hate to see yellow get the shaft!

Anyway, Don't be too hard on yourself about grieving the loss of your little girl's special friend. I found myself trying to talk Isabelle ito sticking with her trusted and true blanket!!!

I just associate so much of her babyhood and toddlerhood with that blanket. I see it and am reminded of how much I love my daughter. To think that yellow could someday be cast aside kind of hurts!

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