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March 04, 2005



I, too, was on the receiving end, all throughout middle school. Sixth grade was fine, but I went through some medical problems in seventh grade and so got not only the 'normal' teasing, which is painful enough, but also got ragged on for my months on crutches. It hurts like nothing else.

You're right that there's no way to fix it or stop it, but I do have one suggestion. I don't know if Emily likes sports, but if she does, letting her join some type of team or take some sort of lessons might help. In my experience, 'sports friends' are often much more accepting of each other than 'school friends', because an essential part of competition is supporting and encouraging your teammates. Horseback riding, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and swimming were big sources of support for me during those difficult years, and swimming continues to be so today.

Best of luck to you and Emily. Everybody reading this site feels for you. I'll cross my fingers.


Oh Terry, I am so sorry for you and your daughter! It is not a fun position to be in to just watch all the drama as it goes on. I've had mothers tell me, when I ask them why their son insists on bullying my son, "Oh kids will be kids!" What is that? Why do kids have to be mean? My only hope is that our kids will be able to get through this with grace, confidence and if need be, a really great comeback or left hook. Kidding...I think.


This is something I fear for my children. I was on the receiving end pretty often as a child as well. I so don't want that for my children. This post rings so true for me...I wish we could do something anything to protect them from going through what we went through.

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