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March 07, 2005



Life with kids is definitely insane - but what is reassuring? to know that most mothers are feeling the same way at some point in time whether it's with one kid or 6 - and it's nice to know that you have a place to vent - and know that - hey it's ok - i am normal!

amy s.

Welcome to DotMoms, loved your first entry! I recently wrote about a similar topic. Despite what we may here, I think it's perfectly normal to occasionally get overwhelmed - and with four children, yeah, you have that right. :)


I think all of us worry...from the day we are told that we are pregnant until the day that we slip away, mothers will just worry. It's just some of us have better disguises and can hide it better.

This reminds me of the episode of Desperate Housewives when Lynette has a breakdown and the other women tell her they they all make mistakes, fail and yet they keep going and the best thing to do is to know that someone cares and is listening. So thank goodness for DotMoms.


It will be OK. You obviously love your children and have not forgotten that you have needs yourself, and that's half the game right there. We all have days and moments when everything is difficult. It helps to stop and make a list of the 10 best things you can think of that have happened in the past year (or last month, if you prefer). It's OK if the only good things you can think of for your list are that you had a good cup of coffee and that you got to watch your children grow. Just list any 10 things that come to mind. When things are difficult, it helps to remember the things that are good.


Oh I'm with you there. I have a 19 month old...and she WILL be my only child....let me know if you want to trade anxiety attack stories...I'm here to listen.


Hang in there. My sister has twins (four kids in all) and when they get older they play together so well. It gets easier. In the meantime, pamper yourself and get some time away if that's possible.


Heh. You're right. I have those too, and motherhood does NOTHING to help. Just take the attack as a sign that it's time for a day off ;-)

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