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March 28, 2005



When Lillianna was 5,she joined a 6 week soccer team to see if she liked it. She did,although she never took the ball away from the girl who had it. She just ran alongside her. She was not very good at it but loved it. Fortunately,I can't really schedule soccer in due to my work and her Brownies and dancing school so she doesn't do it anymore. It may be in the future if she pushes it.
I do love that she dances since I danced for 12 years. I think I would've been so sad if she didn't want to dance.
Does it help that I always wished I could play the piano???? Well, not if I had had your whacko teachers!!


I took Ballet on and off my entire life. (I'm even thinking of going back once Maricella is in preschool.) I'll introduce my daughter to Ballet, and other forms of dance, but will also, once she's old enough to tell me, let her participate in the activities she wants to, weather they be sports or music. I can still persue my own dance dreams, albeit on a non-professional level. My job as mom, is to expose her to all her options and let her fly with her choices. Great post!


I love my kids' soccer teams. We play fall soccer here, and since the weather stays nice until at least Thanksgiving, we don't have the weather nightmares to deal with. And we've been blessed with fair coaches who rotate the players every 5 minutes (I kid you not, they use a stopwatch). I wish everyone could have this kind of experience with their kids' sports teams. Unfortunately, I've heard the horror stories and I know we've been lucky.

The snack thing? I dunno. I can see a healthy snack and a drink at half-time, but snacks for practice? Come on, they just ate supper and hour ago and practice only lasts an hour. How hungry can they get?

I won't go into the whole dance thing. I've taken up too many words as it is.

Great post, Suzanne!


I'm with you on the whole snack thing. What is up with that anyway?


Just say NO to sports!
Well, that's my mommy-goal anyway....


I love soccer and think it is a great game for kids, especially girls. I actually play on a womens' team. But I do hate the Soccer Mom Culture - and am SOOOOO with you on the snack schedules. I hate snack schedules on so many levels. I have even resorted to just telling Team Moms that my child isnt participating in snack schedule. Last year, I tried to get parents to vote against having one, and lost. My child can go a whole 2 hours without a snack, which I consider an amazing feat in this day and age.


I second Kacey. Soccer is evil. And LOL that she wants to play piano!


Love music. Love (to play - not watch) sports. Strictly amateur at both. I took piano lessons for only one year when I was little. I loved every minute of it! Loved it so much that once my kiddies were older, I went back and took more lessons. I'm nowhere near good, but I always felt like a concert pianist whenever I played.


Ha! Soccer is evil. It's some kind of rule that it's only played on the coldest, rainiest days of the year. Always schedule to overlap another child's activity. With coaches yelling at 8 year old kids to get their..well... butts ....out there. And encouraging words like "don't you ever think?" "What the ..heck...were you doing out there?" "Get off the field, you can't do anything right today"

Then there are high school coaches...

But as least soccer isn't as nasty as lacrosse!


I remember my mother forcing me to take piano lessons, but somewhere after the sixth year of it, I started to get good enough to play the songs I liked. After that, I was grateful to her for making me continue. Now, I can play almost anything I want, and it's a gift. I think you have to weigh your child's desires against the outcome...sometimes it's okay to overrule them. Other times, it's better to let their wishes come first.

I wish my mother had forced me to play at least one season of the major sports (soccer, basketball, etc.). Then maybe I wouldn't have been picked last for teams? I knew nothing about sports, and it was pretty hurtful the way all guys avoided being on my team. If I'd had even a teaspoonful of skill, it might not have been that bad.

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