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March 29, 2005



We both get up at 6:00 (if Ella lets us sleep that late). I take a shower first, and Colin feeds her breakfast. I get dressed, do my hair and Colin hands Ella off to me while he gets ready. I make bottles for daycare, pack her bag and mine, change her into her daycare clothes, and tidy up a little bit. Then it's a mad dash out of the house to make it to daycare by 7:30-8:00. I'm looking forward to the time when Ella doesn't have to be monitored 24/7 in the mornings.


Our routine is somewhat similar to yours, I think. I usually get up when I hear Katie calling to us from her room, but most of the time I can sneak in a quick shower while she plays by herself. After my shower, I go in and get her, change her diaper, fix her bottle, then take her into the bedroom. I'll sit on the bed next to my gradually waking up husband and give Katie her bottle for a few minutes, then I'll hand her over to him so I can get dressed - he stays home with her and usually takes his shower during her morning nap. Somewhere in there, I'll let the dog out, "fix" my hair (I don't really do much to it), put minimal makeup on. Often after I'm dressed, I'll play with Katie while Geoff makes my lunch and gets dressed, and most days we all pile into the car (dog included) to drive me to the el station. Now that it's getting warm, I should really start walking - it's about a 20 minute walk. I feel kind of like you do, though - I know that if I set my alarm to wake up early enough, I could skip out without dealing with the morning chaos, but I feel like it's an important part of our family life, and I'd be sorry to miss it.


I am up at 5:30 - an ungodly hour, I know, but necessary. I have 2 boys who are autistic (though high functioning) and are on the gluten free/casin free diet. My little one is allergic to almost everything. So breakfast and school lunch is all homemade. Turkey sausages and tapioca toast, muffins with vegetables pureed into them. Lunch consists of chicken, more muffins, water and fruit. Then I wake the boys up at 6:30. I have ham and eggs or toast and eggs for my husband when he gets up at 7:00. I then have to help my son get dressed for the bus at 7:40, which my husband puts him on, and hubby heads off to work. I hop into the shower because my baby's bus doesn't get to the house until 8:20. Then I head to my 9 to 5, where I am the office manager.

When I get home at 5:30, I check my eldest homework,(which is done at day care) and my husband gets home at 5:45. My husband makes dinner, while I tend to the children. I set the table and get the children ready to eat. Then after dinner, I give the children baths, and dessert (usually Rice Dream ice cream or grapes)and my husband will straighten up the house.The kids are in bed by 8:00.

We live by our rule...I do the mornings, hubby does the evenings....no resentments.


I related so well to your morning routine, as my husband stays home with our 13 month old son (though he also works full time, also from home) and we have much the same routine. We're actually changing things though, as the hours aren't working out for us. My husband currently works all evening and all weekend, so we never see each other. Plus I feel like I get no quality time with Kellan during the week.

So, as of April 11th I'm working after lunch until 7:30pm each day. I'll get Kellan all morning, get to do lots of local activities and groups, really feel that I have time with him every day. Then when I arrive home, I'll nurse him to sleep as usual. And we'll have weekends together as a family now. I can't wait!


We have one 3.5 year old son. MY DH and I work full-time. He works in NYC, I work about 10 minutes from our home in NJ.

We get up around 6:45. I usually shower the night before. While I do my morning grooming, DH starts to convince DS to wake up and usually gets him into the bathroom to potty (Still working on toilet training) and dressed. If he is waking slowly - I help with the dressing if I','m done in the bathroom before they are done. I get dressed, and then DS and I go downstairs. He watches some TV while he eats breakfast, and I make sure our lunches are ready and packed. I eat my breakfast, and then help DS if he has not finished his. DS and I are out the door so I can get himt preschool by 7:50 and be at work by 8am. DH is in charge of the dogs in the morning, and he leaves the house around 8:15. I really do the lion's share of the morning routine, which sometimes irks me - but it works for us. If/when we have a second child DH will have to take a more active roll in the morning routine!


i try to get up an hour before my husband and 15 month old son. i need that time to be alone. we cosleep and i just want a few minutes to think without a body hanging on me. i catch up on email, read headlines and check out blogs and journals that i read regularly. i shower and get dressed for my day at work - i'm a sahm. having this short amount of time alone really helps my attitude for the rest of the day. there's nothing better than shaving your legs without the fear of a little one opening the shower curtain!

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