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March 08, 2005



100 per cent! Man, can you say that about anything else!? How great!


Beautiful...simply beautiful....I'm so happy for both of you...Katie is such a joy...and that smile!!


Oh, my due date was the 8th, so I was 40 weeks pregnant. My OB was predicting that Katie would be over 10 pounds (she was 8 lbs 13 oz), so she had scheduled me for induction at the hospital the following Tuesday (the 10th, I think). I really wanted to avoid that, so we were trying to hurry things along with a home method. It seems like maybe it worked! Or maybe it was just time.


that's a great story!
how far along were you when you induced labor?


Congratulations! My little guy just turned one a couple of weeks ago, what a day, all of the memories of being pregnant, of giving birth, of those first crazy weeks at home with this new member of the family. He *loved* the way that everybody said, "Happy Birthday!" to him all day. And the cake. And his now favourite thing in the world that he received as a gift -- the Baby Einstein DVD.

Only unlike your husband, mine said -- "One down, seventeen to go". He's a wonderful stay at home dad with a slightly odd outlook. But I love him, what can I say?

amy s.

I can't believe she's already a year old. Congrats on the first year of the journey - it's a big one for the parents as well as the baby!


Happy Birthday!

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