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March 30, 2005



When I was 27 yrs old,I coached my sister's high school cheerleading squad. Two of my girls,Kristen (15 yrs old) and her sister Cheryl (14 yrs old) were often at each other's throats. Their mom had died the year before,their parents had been divorced and they went to live with their mom's brother and his wife in the town where they had lived with their mom. The girls loved and hated one another. Most of the times when they came to cheerleading practice they had just had a HUGE fight and one of them would say,"We're not speaking. If we have to go in groups please keep us separated!" I did my best.
I often told them,"One of these,the two of you are going to love each other and be the very best of friends!!" They just snorted at me.

Now that Kristen is 31 and Cheryl will be 30 in just a couple of months and pregnant with her first child,due in May,they are closer than best friends. They are both married and live 3,000 miles away but they see each other all the time and talk every day. They can't stand being apart. I laugh,of course,and remind them of the days when they hated each other. They laugh too because their relationship is so different now and they never thought it would turn out this way.
It sounds like your children turned their relationship around too. Good for them!!!!


Thank God there is HOPE!! My kids are 4 1/2 years apart, ages 10 and 5 1/2 -- Abby, the older, always seemed resentful that Sawyer could intrude on her life. They get along, usually, but each know how to get the other's goat. One will do to the other what the other just did to the one, just to even the score ... I'm hoping that our story will turn out similar to yours!! Thank you !


I had to laugh at this because of how my 2 older kids were. They were the exact same way. 3 1/2 years apart and they would fight, torture, annoy each other whenever they were in the same vicinity of each other.
Fast forward to now and they are best friends. So much so that they share an apartment together. They get on each others nerves at times, but they are there for each other.
Now my 2 littlest ones is a whole different story. They are 18 months apart. Although they can be the most loving, sweet, and generous to each other, there are those days, weeks, MONTHS that it seems that they will destroy each other. I too have the screamer/screacher who can melt the paint off a wall. I only hope (and pray alot) that they will get along as well as their 2 older siblings.


what a nice story. it made me consider my sister, who is almost 10 years older than me, who is now one of my closest friends. but that didn't happen until I was about 17 years old and no longer, well, bratty, to put it mildly. at least in her eyes. I'm now 30, she's 40, and I think of her first as a friend and then as a sister.

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