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March 20, 2005



This is an excellent idea. I live in Texas and so badly want to live in snow -- for about a week out of the year. I'm game!

Millie Garfield

I am writing this from sunny and HOT Florida! It is SOO humid today, will be the same for the next few days!!

Does that make you feel better?



I hear ya!! Lillianna and I visited my mom in Florida for 6 days in December. We didn't have one single argument other than when I insisted we get out of the pool after 3 hours. Sure we went back in later....hey it's Florida....why not?

This past Tuesday it was in the mid 40's here in Massachusetts. It was lovely. This morning there was snow on the ground. I just wrote a letter on my blog to Mother Nature addressing this issue. It's just not fair.
Sign me up for a swap but I don't want someone's husband and spoiled kids in the deal. I've seen that show and it's not pretty!!

Hope you had a fun trip!


Living in Wisconsin I feel your frost bitten pain. It's supposedly Spring but it's only 35 degrees - with the wind chill it feels like 25.

Hope you had a great vacation!

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