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March 28, 2005



My husband and I visited NYC last April with friends. It was my second trip. I vowed then that I would return with our daughter Isabelle (18 months at the time) when she was around 8 years old. Since then, I've had a strange longing for the city nearly every day. It is the most magical place on Earth, I don't care what the Disney people say. We love the picture book "WOW City!" My daughter loves to find the character "Izzy" and her daddy in each vibrant picture. And, she's learning about NYC landmarks and "traditions," so she'll be all ready for our trip in 7 years, or so! Your post made me reaffirm my determiniation to see the city through her eyes. Thanks!


This post has me homesick for New York. How wonderful you were able to have these expereiences with your daughter. My daughter was born in NYC and we lived there until she was 13 months. I know we'll definitely take her back for visits every once in a while. We now live across the country in sunny LA. (Culture shock.) Before we left, we took her on the small carousel in Bryant Park. If you go back to NYC I recommend that one too.
Thanks for a wonderful post.


cooper, like you, I am a new yorker to my bones, and my daughter spent her first four years there. she still goes often to visit her grandparents. little that I've done with her has filled me with the out and out joy that I felt this year when I took her to see the gates in central park. we walked, we talked, we rode the carousel, we ate pizza...we were new yorkers again, if only for a couple of days.

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