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March 27, 2005



I wish I could say it was just ONE event. Suddenly,one day,everything started with, "No help,Mama!! I do!" I wanted to yell at her and say, "Look here...you're still little and I will TELL you when you don't need my help," but I took a deep breath,smiled and said,"Ok,honey." Everything she tried,she did. She fed herself.She got her toys.She put on her sweater.It just about killed me.
I can totally relate to the playground though. Everytime we went she could do something new. I was sure she would fall,have a spinal injury and be paralyzed. Just cuz I'm a klutz and would've fallen off,Lillianna is quite agile and hasn't had any injuries,(knock on wood!!)
It's rough when they grow up but there are still so many "firsts" ahead. It's actually quite fun.

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