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March 05, 2005



Did you watch the Power Rangers? There isn't anything about telling people off in any episode. There are good guys and bad guys in the shows. Cops are good guys. There is no such thing as a 'wacksaw'. Power Rangers are naughty? They put on helmets and colorful suits and rid the world of bad guys (such as pigmen that are trying to eat all of the food on earth or frog men that are trying to drink all of the water out of the lakes). If you child wanted to tell off a cop, he got it somewhere else. It sure is convenient that you could blame it on those naughty power rangers though instead of trying to figure out where he really got it from....


"he just accepted it. No tantrums, no complaining"

totally. cannot. relate.


Several four-year-old boys I know are also enamored of Power Rangers right now. My 2 1/2 year old son is currently in love with Bob the Builder but it changes on an almost weekly basis. The good and bad thing about kids is that they never seem to like anything for long.


Luckily Lillianna is the same way.She is very reasonable when I tell her she can't do something.
I don't like the Power Rangers either. Too violent for me. But seriously,what ISN'T violent??????


Wonderful. Never be afraid to teach values. and never be afraid to mention it to others.

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