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March 26, 2005



Thanks for the support and encouragement, everyone! Right after I wrote this, we made another offer - before it was posted, we'd had another offer rejected. As I write this, we are gearing up to make a third offer on a place we saw last night. A part of me wants to remain calm and slightly disinterested, and another part of me is thinking about how we could put up French doors off of the den/office in the front and put an island in the kitchen. Agh! :)

Rosemary Grace

It is hellish, but you WILL find something, you may have to compromise "special" and make the place special with your creative decorating. It will be special because it's yours. My fiance and I bought a two bedroom apartment in Southern California almost a year ago, pretty much at the last moment before the market went too high for us to afford anything within 30 miles of work. It's a pretty boring 800sqft box, or it was until we put all our stuff in it and painted one room in the living room a deep orange.

The search was scary and bidding wars were even worse, then all of a sudden we found our place, and after a nailbiting week at the end of escrow when the closing was delayed by red tape all of a sudden we had a home! You'll find the same, your home is out there.


We are looking for a new house now and I know just how you feel! We came super close to putting an offer in one house, only to realize that the kitchen had been redone with a half-size fridge and there was no room to put a full-size fridge in without tearing up the entire thing. My husband is a big-deal cook, and I bake, and we just couldn't deal with a tiny fridge. Also there wasn't enough parking on the street, and I didn't really like the street, and blah blah blah. It wasn't the one for us.

Then we did put in an offer on this incredible 150-year-old house, but for a number of reasons, it wasn't accepted. So that was disappointing.

Then yesterday we saw THE PERFECT HOUSE, except for its location on a busy street and lack of parking. When we really thought about it, we decided those two things were just too important for us.

So we're back to square one. Hang in there, we will too, and I'll be thinking of you guys the next time we go out looking at houses. It will happen for you, it just might take a little longer than you expect. Good luck!


Believe me, don't, whatever you do, settle! We were going to do the same thing, but we found the house we are living in now. We searched for the right house for almost a year, and at the end, we were doing the same thing. We put an offer on a house that neither of us loved, and only half way liked, and it was accepted. Then, something happened on the seller's side, and the deal fell through. You probably heard our huge sighs of relief in Chicago.

Buying a home is torture (torture!)

Good luck, and sorry about all the torture (seriously, torture!) talk. You WILL find the right home for you!


I still drive by the house we put an offer on, the house we had mentally moved into, the house we'd mentally raised our family in and welcomed grandchildren back to. Sigh. The offer was rejected and I seriously never thought we'd recover. But we did and we found a house that was better in many ways.

So I know that pain. Hang in there.

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