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April 27, 2005



I'm caught up in "perfect bedroom dreams" for my little girl (30 months) right now, too. I loved her nursery, but berfore year's end it will be occupied by our second child, so Isabelle gets her own room! Her daddy is constructing a picket fence headboard for her big girl bed, so I'm thinking I'll keep witha gardena nd flowers theme. Be sure to keep us posted on your room!


We just bought a house as well. One of the things that sold it -- they have a baby boy and the nursery is already beautifully painted. How lucky can you get? Kellan (14 months) has never had a room of his own either. He still nurses a lot during the night and I'm not sure how its going to work out. We move in June and we'll give it a try. If necessary, he can always move his bed back to our room for another year or so until he's done with night nursing. I'm interested to hear how Maricella gets on in her first room.


are you seriously doing all that painting yourself?? BRAVO!!

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