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April 27, 2005



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I'm taking bits and pieces of everyone's advice for my son's 5th birthday in 2 weeks. He's having a homemade racetrack cake, water balloon toss (200 balloons for $1 @ Big Lots), pin the tire on the monster truck, and spiderman spacewalk. He couldn't decide on a theme. It's true though, everytime I try to keep it

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I really like the idea of giving baseballs and cracker jacks as party favors. Make hotdogs and just let the kids play. My son's birthday party is tomorrow and I honestly haven't planned any activities. My son wanted an IronMan party, so I prined out Iron Man comic book covers and will make a banner out of them tonight. We'll decorate treat bags with Iron Man stickers and have an Iron Man cake. Other than that, my plan is to let the kids run free. I've tried to organize activities in the past, but the kids never want to do them. They just want to play. Maybe we'll try to get them to pop balloons or play balloon volleyball. Maybe they'll want to play duck duck goose. (Or Tony, Tony, IRONMAN!) But other than that, my plan is to keep it as simple as possible!


I just had my 7, now 8 year old daughters bday party. She had five or six friends from school attend along with a few family members. We had a hay ride and a weiny roast. The kids had a blast they were all equipt with a wire hanger hotdogs with all the trimmings and everything for smores...
The kids said it was the funnest party they had ever been to. No activities planned, no theme. Just a bon fire and my husband pulling a trailer full of hay and kids around the yard.. They were to stuffed to even have cake and ice cream. So the birthday cake is now redecorated for a halloween

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