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April 19, 2005



Speaking as the Grandma, that's a wonderful gift you've given them. We live in the middle of the country and our two grandsons (3 and 4) each live on the opposite coasts. This summer we're getting both of them here for the same week. We're excited and just a little nervous. : )


Take the time for yourselves... it is great you mom wants to spend time with the little one. I am with Patrice, my mom likes my son and all--but a week? I don't think so, she's never offered more than a mere evening away. And for that, I had to beg. (though, to her credit they live 500 miles away, only see the little tyke when we come for a visit)


I can imagine that this would be incredibly difficult. one other way to look at it is that you are very lucky to have parents that want to spend this time with your children. my mother has never professed to love babies...or even like them...and doesn't even like to babysit for an afternoon, let alone overnight, let alone a week.

yes, I get a little sad when I think that my children don't have a relationship with their grandmother that would allow them to spend extended time with her, but then again - I don't have these gut-wrenching decisions about spending time away from them, either.


This comes at a good time for me. We're moving in the next couple of months and realized that it would be SO much easier if Miss P were out of the picture. But in doing the math, it came to two whole weeks that we would be without her. She's only six months old and changing daily, so I was feeling so wrenched. I never thought about the other side of it—the chance for my in-laws and my mom (they live in the same town) to have lots of time with her without us being around. I know it will be hard, but thanks for giving me a different perspective.

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