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April 26, 2005



What a great way to explain that feeling! You're so right; I have a 10 yog who calls me "Mom" now, and it just doesn't evoke the same feeling as my 3 yob calling me "Mommy". It almost feels like (to me) your role has somehow overnight been diminished. I can't imagine how hard it'll be when we get to the "drop me off around the corner so no one sees you, Mom" stage!


You know, I don't blame you one bit about being annoyed. My husband says "Hey Mom" if he's just finished greeting our daughter, and that's cute and fine. I also don't mind if very close friends say "and how are YOU Mom?" now that I'm pregnant again. I would be seriously annoyed if people I'm not close to or strangers called me mom though. I may be a mother but I still have a name.

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