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April 25, 2005



That was absolutely beautiful! I'm guessing my daughter is the same age as yours (6 months?) and I can very easily relate to this post. I love her so incredibly much, more than I ever thought I could. :-)


Thank you for your kind words, everyone! I'm so glad you liked the post.


Oh, Jessamyn! That was a beautiful entry! I'm sitting here at work wiping my eyes, too!
I don't have children yet-- I'm hoping to soon-- but I always read your entries here at "Dot Moms" as tea leaves of what my future might hold, especially since I'll be a working mother. Thank you for what you share here!


Smart flight attendant! And beautiful post!


I once "walked across the Atlantic." thank G-d she was better on the return flight.


Beautiful, you captured that eternal sense of fleeting moments so well. (Wiping tears from my eyes...)


Lovely writing. I think of this type of thing often as my darling baby nears her first birthday. Someday I won't be able to kiss her little belly any time I want to or just scoop her up for a big hug any old time. She will want and need to develop her own sense of her personal space and will learn that she has the right to control access to her physical self. But, boy, I am loving the close times now.


Man, I soooooo get what you are talking about. Never in my entire life did I ever think I would feel so connected to another human being. Not even my husband that I adore. Your post made my heart ache at the thought of this precious time being gone. I have a son who will one day look at another woman like that and it's heartbreaking. Well I'll enjoy it while I can!


Aw, no...now you got me crying too! :)


Beautiful post! I think the same way. It's sad but wonderful at the same time, watching our wee ones grow up. We're lucky to have the priviledge of charting the course for them when they're vulnerable and tiny and it isn't long before they steer their own ship.


That is very sweet...

Do remember it all. But don't lose hope that you won't have that connection ever again. Every once in a blue moon, my 12 year old son allows me to glimpse that small child in him again.

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