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April 05, 2005


amy s.

Textbook child here, too. Two has been interesting for sure - but still not half as bad as I've heard from other moms. I think my textbook kiddo was sent to me on purpose, as I'm not sure how much more I could handle some days. :)


I could have written this post! What a relief to hear that I'm not the only mom whose perfect little girl is turning into a terrible two! This week has featured:

Very loud tantrums in public places that feature the very well enunciated words: "You're hurting me!" (For the record, no one was touching her.)

Reports from the daycare staff that she intentionally poked a younger child in the eye and, when asked to say she was sorry she replieed "No. I don't want to. I'm not sorry."

I could die of embarassment. Fortunately, there are more moments of joy than of sheer terror about what she'll become. A hug or a spontaneous "I love you too much, mom." puts my mind at ease - at least for a little while. As Amy said: "It's all a phase..."

Good luck! Hope to read more about your adventures in the world of the two year old!


My second daughter will be two on April 30th. I think she's entered this stage, also. I'm looking forward to the return of my easy-going happy-go-lucky, youngest child. I miss her.

Funny thing is tho, my oldest who will be four on May 5th, has become such a SWEET and charming little girl, like overnight! They've switched roles on me and I'm confused about it.... They must be too!


I am due with and girl and I am largely looking forward to how different it will be raising her than it is with my son. My mom constantly reminds me, "just wait until you get to chapter 13 through 21!" :) Reminds me of your post. Good luck with those darn twos.


I hear you sister- my twins are 1 1/2 and they've gotten there early by giving each other ideas. bleh.


As I stood, mouth agape at my son's ever evolving personalities I learned a very helpful phrase with which to sooth myself.."IT'S ALL A PHASE. IT'S ALL A PHASE." Just repeat it over and over until she gets to the next plateau.

Good Luck.


If you hear me laughing it's because I figure that's me in 13 mos. After 2 challenging baby boys, I've had my easy girl. I'm just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. In the words of my mom, about everything kid - "This too shall pass."


Not to scare you or anything...but three was way worse to me than two.lol.You'll get your sweet girl back...eventually.


Great Post.

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