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April 10, 2005



Oh my GOD: This is the absolutely best post I've read in a long time. It actually made me bawl here at work.

Thank you for making me smile and cry all at the same time..


Just to provide another view re: the paying for weddings issue. We have a daugther and fully intend to foot the bill for her wedding. Do we have to? Of course not. But it would be our honor to do so. My husband and I (with help from his folks) paid for our own and my widowed mother kept saying how sorry she was to be unable to pay for it. Of course, we wouldn't have dreamed of taking her money. But I hope we'll be in a position to pay for Ella's wedding when the day comes!


Depends on who they marry. In some cultures, the guy's family foots the bill. :-)

What a sweet story, Jennifer. When (if?) we have a daughter, I can't wait to see how my husband will adapt. He's an only child so he'll have a lot to learn!


Hopefully that outdated misogynist paying for weddings thing will be done by the time our daughters get married.

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