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April 11, 2005



Ahh. So refreshing to read the views of such easygoing, acceptiing mamas. I made, and continue to make, so many "wrong" decisions sure to corrupt my children (teenagers now), but you know what? They are who they are, and I don't think making them sleep in their own beds, taking away their pacifiers, bullying them out of diapers, denying them the occasional hot dog, or "making" them learn to read "on time" would have made them any different. They seem to have survived relatively unscathed, even including that one in college who makes some wonky decisions sometimes.


When we had kids we said, our children will NEVER sleep in our bed. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Took about 6 mos of fighting it w/our first, then w/our second he started right away and same w/our third (and very likely last...) The oldest now sleeps all night in his own bed and even tho we don't all fit, I sort of miss the time with him. The 3rd old and baby start out in their own beds, but by 1-3am, there are 4 of us - unless the 3rd old is too restless, then the baby and I go sleep in his bed. I don't know how I get by on so little sleep tho. I think the last time I got 3 or more hrs of uninterrupted sleep was my last business trip over a year ago.

There's an anti-drug ad that says at 4 you can't get them to shut up and at 14 you can't get them to talk. Well, too soon they won't want anything to do with us, so let's enjoy them.



My husband teases me about letting our 4 yr old come into bed with us when he wakes during the night.But,truth be told,I love him snuggling up to me.


We were just talking about this in bed this morning (having spent another night as three in the bed), that it will all pass too quickly and he'll want nothing to do with us before long, so its nice to enjoy these sweet loving moments. I also adore Kellan's little body cuddled into me, watching his sweet face while he sleeps, and of course the big grin that you get waking up "face to face" in the morning. He's in and out of his bed at night (and we technically try to have him sleep in his bed), but often when he's come in to nurse at 2am, I fall back to sleep and he stays with us until he wakes to nurse in the morning. He's a busy body all day long, no time to cuddle. I love our quiet night time moments together.


Thanks! It's nice coming to a website and seeing someone else's view on the family bed. What I find the hardest is being told constantly that we are making a big mistake -- over and over again like a broken record by friends and family. I hear it so much that this weekend I also wrote about co-sleeping in an attempt to try and explain our view. Thanks... now I don't feel like the only person out there willing to admit to having an *evil family bed*.


My feelings exactly! I have a 3.5 year old son, who sometimes sleeps the night through in his won bed, and sometimes comes in with us (or me, as my DH usually changes rooms - he doesn't sleep well with a small squirming body!). It makes us all happy, we get more sleep than if we fought to return him to his own room - and I will treasure the memories!

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