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May 08, 2005



Ah, my Madeline and your Katie are totally on the same page regarding computers and toilet paper :) She also loves to grab at my water glass and letting me know that I should share!


My husband works from home and Kellan (14 months) cannot be kept away from the computer. He's got a sixth sense for the office door being left open. If ever we lose sight of him, we need only go to the office to find Kellan standing at the computer typing away.

Other favourite imitations -- he puts his hand over his mouth when he coughs. If somebody else coughs he'll do a stage cough and cover his mouth. Whenever people laugh, he jumps in w/ a fake (but so silly) loud laugh of his own as if to say, "Yeah, I'm in on this too". And the phone, that's the best. Whenever somebody's cell phone rings, he throws his arm up to his ear and says, "Ello?". Or at home if I'm on the phone, he'll take one of his toy phones and hold a long and involved conversation while completely ignoring me. If I'm going to be busy on the phone, then so is Kellan!

amy s.

Olivia also loves to be on the computer because we always are. She recently has taken to saying, "I need to go check my email." Which means she wants to get on the computer!

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