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May 24, 2005


Dolly Paolucci

I admire your willingness to go back to school to better yourself. I heard of this news on Inside Edition about a 50-year old mom who never gave up chasing her dream of having a college diploma, even if she had to study only one course at a time. She graduated Cum Laude...along with her son! It's a truly inspiring story. Good luck with your school life.


Cross that bridge when you get there, but nothing is better than an education.


Check out Naropa. It's a fortune, but will change your life. Sell a child if you have to!



I recently found your personal site via Finslippy and was immediately struck by our similarities. I, too, excelled academically until college and made a series of (relationship-based) choices that led me to drop out of university. I also was (and sometimes still am) a graphic and web designer, though it's not what I love doing. And, I'm ripping up my back yard to plant vegetables. Oh, and my baby's name? Lila.

Anyway, this summer, I'm finally finishing my BA (at 37). I agree with Julie that the BA is the hardest part, and the knuckleheads I work with who have MA's all concur. To finish an undergraduate degree, you have to take at least 24 hours of course work you probably are not that interested in (in my case, it was more like 42). Once you're in a grad program, your love of writing will sustain your interest. The hard part will be finding the time.

Good luck with everything.


I have a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing and STILL don't have enough time to read, write, or clean my house. My husband just finished his PhD and we have a two year old. I also work full-time as a secretary in a composition program at a university.

I find time to spend with my daughter (my hours after work until bedtime are solely devoted to her), and read or write during my lunch hour. During the summer when the department is quiet I do a lot of writing.

You can do it. If this is something you are determined to have, you can finish the BA (the BA is the hardest part, I think), get the MFA (there are a lot of low-residency programs available now), and then live the life you want, or something close to it. :)

I too want something more than motherhood. I love my daughter with all my heart but don't want to lose myself, and writing is such a huge part of who I am.


Good luck. I finished my degree when my 5th was young, and over the years worked at all sorts of part-time jobs.

It may be best to find a part-time program, course by course.

Good luck!


You'll find the career of your dreams if you take the chance at it. I admire you for actually going for it too... I've always dreamed of the MFA. But as my mom always said, "You won't make money doing that."

Unfortunately, I believed her. Ten years later, I'm desparately hating my career as a technical writer. Only good part about it- it has forced me to write EVERY DAY of my life, desire or not. And THAT, my friend- is something that will help MY fiction writing career.

Keep us posted, when the time comes for you to start. We'll cheer you on. :-)

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