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May 29, 2005



All right--how much did you pay the hubby *BEFORE* the interview? ;-)

Sounds like you have great marriage and a great hubby!


It was nice to read the interview, but I just have to disagree with your very nice husband on this one thing: I dont think men need to be more like women and I dont think women get away scot free by not being more like men. I think both men and women need to make an effort to simply understand each other. Be who you are, be the gender you are, but understand your differences and meet each other half way. Men - please! Be Men! Be selfish and driven, but do it with balance. And give us women the same courtesy. If I wanted to have a woman as a spouse, I wouldnt have married a man. :0) I just think there is balance for both genders that desperately needs to be explored. We women need to be more understanding of our men as well.


Isn't it great when husbands "get it?" I think it was an eye opener when Lillianna was 3 yrs old and the company Rich worked for went bankrupt. I picked up more hours at my job and Rich stayed home with Lillianna. That's when he realized I wasn't watching talk shows and snacking all day long while Lillianna magically entertained herself.

Because we both share in all the chores (ok Rich is really the only one who does the laundry and vacuums!) our parenting is equal. We know we are a team and we do work well together. I think it's sad and counter productive when husbands insist the cooking and cleaning is for the wife to do. We'd have no clean underwear or socks and we'd starve some nights if Rich thought that was true!!

That was a great interview! Couples have to respect and appreciate one another. Otherwise a marriage can't work for very long.


Wow, Cooper, you're one lucky lady. Rick, maybe you could talk to my husband ;)

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